A peek inside my pre-holiday baby brain

My husband’s on countdown to our two weeks in Spain. I wish I could be as enthusiastic.

Before we get to strolling in the sun, my mind’s on overdrive and it’s all to do with having Harriet in tow.

Gone are the days of packing your own things, that’s it and out of the door; now my mind is a jumble of thoughts that I suppose resemble some kind of ‘baby risk assessment’.

In no particular order…

Will she need breakfast before we leave or should we wait until we get to the airport?

Will it be cold in the room at night? Should I take a 2.5 tog bag or just a 1 tog and baby gros?

When’s the latest I can do a wash before we go to make sure she’s got enough bibs, socks etc?

I’m going to have to do some washing there (no holiday for me!)

What if she poos on the plane?

How will we keep her occupied on the flight without her favourite (guaranteed to annoy everyone) noisy toys?

Will she be good on the plane or turn into captive devil child?

How would we cope with devil child?

Will it be warm enough for full on summer clothes or do I need to take some ‘just in case’ clothes too?

Agghh she’s grown out of most of her summer clothes…

It says it’s going to be 22 degrees celcius. Is it really going to feel like 22 degrees?

*Religiously checks weather every day* (because one degree either way could make all the difference.)

What can I make for her to eat there so she’s not living off pouches?

Why oh why do the 10 month old pouches not have squeezy tops so they can be squeezed on a spoon?

I’m going to stick with the 7 month pouches…

How am I going to get all her stuff and mine in one case?

What can I not take so I can take more of her toys, snacks?

How is her stuff making the case so heavy when she’s so tiny?

… and so it goes on!

My husband researched and booked the holiday (fair play) and now his remaining tasks are throwing a few T-shirts and shorts in a case, ensuring we’ve got enough downloaded from Netflix to while away the evenings and making sure the cases shut(!) I don’t think any bloke really understands the thought processes and planning that goes into making sure we’re prepared for every baby eventuality on holiday.

Whenever we go away I always think of something my friend said:

“Same sh*t just with more sun and a better view”

I’ll let you know how we get on!

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