4 things I’m going to do as a mum in 2019

Ok. So I’m a liitle late to the New Year’s resolutions.

I never usually bother, but as my life has got pretty chaotic juggling trying to be the best mum I can be to Harriet, with being back at work, and trying to be the best I can be there, I thought it worth making sure I do just some small things to help bring about some calm, order and opportunity for reflection.

Research new and fun stuff to do:
We all have that one friend- the one with their finger on the pulse who knows about all the kids’ groups, shows and great places to take them. I’m truly grateful to this friend for letting me ride on her coat tails this past year or so. Without her I wouldn’t have known about Yogabirth with Lauren, Movement and Bloom , Mini Magoos sensory play and the Santa Safari and wouldn’t have had half as much fun. I’m determined to do my own bit of research and share the fruits of my labour. If you’re in the Wirral area, tips please!

To not forget to mark those milestones:
We all got one- a book to document your baby’s first year, month by month. Mine’s half filled (having missed out the more obscure ones like inside leg measurement at 7.5 months) but all the important stuff is in there. Now I don’t want Harriet’s new words and activities, arguably when they start getting really fun and interesting, struggling to be recalled or dated. That’s why I’m determined to keep my diary going- the one I’ve been doing since I was 12. I don’t fill it in every day now as time is more of a luxury, but every few days will be often enough to document Harriet’s development in a way that only words do justice to, alongside the phone camera snaps and videos.

To have time when I’m not just a mummy:
When you’re working it’s natural to want (and feel you need) to spend all the times you’re not, with your little one. Doing that inevitably means the time you spent as a couple pre-baby becomes a distant memory, but it is important to remember that you’re not just mummy and daddy. We’ve agreed that every month/six weeks we’ll do something together- perhaps just a simple cinema trip (bliss!) and meal or drinks (loving the idea of afternoon drinking and still being able to be in bed for 10!) I’m under no illusion that any conversations will still end up meandering back to Harriet..!

To not be as much of a stress head.
Ok, I’ve definitely got better from the early days when I was convinced Harriet’s head would wobble off and constantly had to check her breathing when she was asleep, but I’ve not got to obsess over whether she’s doing what the books say she should or others her age are. I’m not going to compare. Yes, Harriet only really discovered rolling at 13 months and is nowhere close to walking but she’s (scarily!) sharp in other ways. She’s doing what she needs and taking things in her own time. Perhaps we can all learn something from that?

These resolutions aren’t going to change the world, or even my life, but they’re small and realistic. When you’re a parent, the last thing you need is another big stick to beat yourself up with! We have to be kind to ourselves. I’d love to hear yours…


  1. I’m doing okay.. I’ve lost about 5lb so far but as I have thyroid issues this is quite good for me. I’ve been chasing people less, although I still need to work on this! And continued to do my course to help set up as self employed so still on the right track. How are yours going? Xx


  2. I love these resolutions! I’ve done a popular one; to lose weight. But it’s one I have simple shrugged off in the past but now I’m serious about it. I want to generally become healthier and happier this year. To stop chasing others and putting my happiness in the hands of them. To chase my dream of becoming self employed. Loved this blog post- really hope this year is kind to you and you’re able to keep the resolutions. I love the research one! And date days xx


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