Then three became four: starting my new life as a mum of two

We’re now a family of four.

Little Sam (or not so little at 7 lb 15 for 5ft nothing me) came into our lives just a minute before the clock struck midnight to mark the start of December, a day ahead of schedule – a little brother for Harriet who’s just turned two.

I’m well aware that the keenly awaited number two hasn’t had any mention in my blog entries over the past nine months. I’m quite superstitious that way; I didn’t want to tempt fate and have saved the joy and retrospective blog musings until he’s safely here. Now I just hope between juggling my two little lovelies that I can still find some time to write!

I’m not even two weeks in yet, but things I’ve learned so far…

Boys ‘bits’ give you a lot more to deal with on nappy change than girls’! Cover it up to minimise the risk of being hit by the ‘fresh air fountain’, spend three times as long getting into the nooks and crannies (‘GENTLY’ I’m reminded by my husband who grimaced at my first day technique) and remember to point ‘it’ downwards. Phew!

No two labours are the same. My first was more a text book second birth in many ways, especially in relation to the signs of pre-labour, but, boy, was active labour much quicker second time around. I got to hospital at the same dilation point as last time but Sam arrived in three hours compared with eight!

I’m already feeling guilty about dividing my time between both of them. I’ve been lucky so far in that Harriet is mildly interested/indifferent. She’s slightly clingier and a bit spooked by Sam’s crying, yes, but there have been no kick offs… probably helped by the fact Sam ingratiated himself by buying her a Peppa Pig book! As a relentlessly on-the-go toddler the balance has been in Harriet’s favour so I just have to make sure I squeeze Sam extra tight when we do get our precious cuddles.

I’m not as nervous about heading out with Sam. It took me over a week to head down the road with Harriet, feeling incredibly vulnerable. This time we were out with Harriet eating ice cream on day three, in Liverpool looking at double buggies on day five. That said, there’s no denying the struggle in leaving the house with a newborn. I wish I’d remembered to allow myself double the time I think I need and it will get extra challenging when the husband finishes paternity leave.

It may be overwhelming, relentless and, at times, stressful but I’m confident we will find a new normal. I’m so aware of how lucky we are. Two is a lovely ‘problem’ to have.

Not a first time mum any longer, I look forward to sharing my experiences as a mum of two.

Wish me luck!


  1. Congratulations on your second little Angel!!!

    Zachariah is now 13 months and a bit and finally got a tooth coming through, how quick time flies!!

    Love your blogs, your a super mum, don’t forget it xxx


    1. Ahhh thanks Laura. What have I let myself in for?? 🙂 Wow- time does fly. Was thinking about you actually as had to sort out some paperwork for the flat! What a lovely name and hope motherhood is all you hoped it would be xxx


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