Wham Bam Sam turns one

Wham Bam Sam, The Destroyer, The Animal… just a few of the names we’ve given our second bundle of joy who turns (unbelievably) one this week.

Is it a boy thing? A second child thing? A Sam thing? Whatever, Sam is a handful. Don’t let that angelic face distract from that fact. From day one he’s been loud, impatient and wriggly and at12 months he’s no different.

A lot of the challenge may be that we’re not used to a baby on the go; Harriet was 15 months before she crawled and almost 22 months before she walked. Sam has just taken his tentative, shaky first steps.

While Harriet would sit for ages with books, for Sam they’re a tasty one minute interlude before he’s once again on maneouvres.

Plug sockets and wires passed Harriet by, for Sam they’re like cat nip.

Sam does a good impression of a bar thug. Kids’ tables and chairs get turned over before you can blink and now he’s started on the bar stools, yanking them over as I carry him past them.

Cuddles? They’re for wimps. Sam will attempt to somersault backwards to get back to his destructive mission if you dare go in for a snuggle. The only time there’s chance of one is after his lunchtime nap while he’s still a little bleary-eyed. The rarity makes it even more precious.

I need to get psyched up for nappy changes. Innovative arm and leg holds, frantic chanting of ‘Wheels on The Bus’ and letting him pull out the baby wipes can just about get me through a HIIT-equivalent workout.

Yes, Sam is exhausting but he’s our exhausting; we wouldn’t change him for the world. His toothy grin, his mischievous, twinkling blue eyes and that loud voice. We can’t remember him not being here and that’s such a wonderful thing.

Sam- the mummy guilt has certainly kicked in. The demands of lockdown, studying and two little ones have all meant I haven’t been able to blog like I did when your sister was small, but I couldn’t let your first birthday pass without a little tribute. Here’s to your second year. May it continue to be filled with chaos, shouts of “look what Sam’s done now!” and a bang and crash soundtrack. We love you little man.

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